Established in 1982, the Paloma couture atelier specialises in working with “flou” (delicate fabrics), the shaping and assembling of designs with an exceptional finesse. The fabrics are worked by hand to create unique effects. Lace becomes three dimensional. Prints blend to create tromp l’oeil effects. The atelier has preciously retained its artisanal savoir-faire and is always searching for new challenges. When couture becomes an art!

Atelier modélisme

Using sketches and pieces from the archives, our pattern makers study the volume and create toiles on mannequins. Working directly with the development teams at the couture houses, they create the designs. In collaboration with a team of sewing machinists, they make the prototypes for a collection, both unique pieces and made-to-measure. The Patronnières, who work closely with the pattern makers, digitalise and prepare a technical file in order to finalise the work.

Atelier Montage

The assembly workshop, specialising in “flou”, makes one-off pieces, press orders and small production series with an exceptional savoir-faire. Our team, highly equipped in terms of assembly and finishes, is in a position to give your designs major added value.

Atelier Fabrication

We have developed a network of partners (in Spain) especially trained in our specific savoir-faire. Our teams control and follow the work in order to guarantee a quality production at very competitive prices.